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Short Term Car Insurance

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The drivers need to have less than 6 penalty points and also he should not be disqualified for last ..

The women drivers can opt for temporary car insurance if they are planning to borrow a friendís car ..

Short Term Car Insurance

Welcome to Short Term Car Insurance UK- your one stop shop for all your short term car insurance needs.

Will you be lending your car to your friend for the weekend? Is your son returning home and would be driving your car for a few days? Will you be driving someone else's car for a couple of days? Is your chauffeur on a holiday for a week?

Then you need a Short Term Car Insurance plan for the above situations. These plans are perfect for situations when you have to drive your car or someone else would be driving your car for a few days. The plans can be bought for periods ranging from one day to almost a month and can be renewed many times in a year. The premium charges will be on a per day basis and therefore would be saving a lot of your insurance costs. So, why pay more for a yearly cover plan when you can pay as you go with a temporary plan?

The short term insurance plans available with us are power packed with all useful features that you would require as protection against financial losses. The plans cover you against theft, accident and third party damages. You can either buy a comprehensive protection plan that would help you drive with any tension or can choose cover for theft and accident or third party damages. In addition, the plans available with us also come with a list of useful optional extras such as courtesy car, European cover, Windscreen replacement, breakdown services and legal liability to help you customize your cover plan as per your needs.

We, at Short Term Car Insurance UK, have a vast network of insurance providers and brokers who specialize in providing temporary car insurance solutions to car owners. Our plans are suitable for drivers of all ages and we help you get cover for all models of car. We can help you get short term car insurance, weekend car insurance, pay as you go car insurance, and short term over 50 car insurance and daily car insurance etc., to meet your varied insurance needs. Moreover, young drivers and women drivers will also find our services extremely useful. You will also enjoy huge discounts to further cut down your insurance bills. All these plans are perfect to comprehensively cover your valuable vehicle and will help you drive without any worries.

Our efficient and streamlined online services help you save time and get coverage at short notice. Plus our expert panel of experienced insurance professionals will help you buy the best plan that perfectly meets your needs and budget. You can use our online services to search and compare various short term car insurance plans from your home and office. You can then buy the desired plan instantly and your coverage will be activated as soon as your payments are made.

So, get coverage when you need it. Browse through our website to find some of the best short term car insurance solutions. And save money in the process!!