Short Term Car Insurance Exclusions

Motorbikes, light vehicles and commercial vehicles need auto Insurance. Now if you don't own a car and only going to hire it or borrow a car from your friend, should you not have Insurance in this case? Since you are not owning the car and don't have an Insurance, should you drive uninsured? In these peculiar cases you can make use of Short Term Car Insurance. Short Term Insurance can be used for only the period you are going to make use of the bike.

Need for Short Term Motor-Bike Insurance

Your Short Term Car Insurance can be used for various purposes. If you want to borrow your friend's car for a ride, you will not have an Insurance, use Short Term Insurance to feel secured and relaxed. If you are planning to sell you car and your annual Insurance has expired, make use of temporary Insurance for the meantime.

When you are thinking of buying a new car, buy a temporary Insurance while you test drive the car. Another need could be while driving a new car home before settling onto a long term Insurance.

Short Term Motor-Bike Insurance Exclusions

Short Term Car Insurance is a comprehensive policy covering all of your liabilities, but there is some exclusion in this coverage.

Age of Drivers: Short Term Insurance excludes young drivers from its coverage. Reports indicate nearly 20% drivers meet accidents in the first year of driving. The premium is higher for younger drivers.

Custom Made Cars: Some companies don't cover custom made cars. Custom make cars have costly accessories and parts, which Insurance companies does not cover. They also exclude rally cars and racing cars. If covered the premium is high for these cars.

Loss by Natural Disasters: if you lose your cars to floods and earthquakes, Insurance company is not bound to cover your loss. One should read the policy more carefully to know more about such exclusions. Companies will also not cover your loss and liabilities if you have accidently left your key in the ignition or have been driving beyond the speed permitted.

Purpose of Purchase: At the time of purchase of the policy, insurer asks for the purpose of the Insurance for which it is taken out. If the policy was taken out for pleasure purposes and you met an accident while on a business trip, your loss and liabilities will not be met by the insurer. The way around this is take out another Short Term policy.

Other types of exclusions are loss arising because of nuclear blast, liability arising from use by unauthorised person. Though bizarre but another exclusion is, loss or damage caused by pressure waves arising from any device or vehicle travelling at speed more than that of sound.

Working of Car Insurance

There are hundreds of companies offering Short Term Insurance through internet. Buying online is an easy way. You don't have to provide much information about the rider and the car. You can print your certificate as soon as you have finished paying.