Short Term Car Insurance Features

Many types of auto insurances are available in the market. Insurance companies regularly come out with products to meet specific customer requirements at affordable prices. But even with different types of coverage offered by policies, there are unique times when you still need insurance for short time. Short Term insurance is fast becoming the popular solutions to such needs.

Short Term Insurance is the easiest and cost saving way for temporary needs of yours. Short term insurance and temporary insurance are used interchangeably. Short term insurance is cheap if used over short duration and becomes expensive when used for longer duration. Your individual requirements determine the time period for which you need short term insurance.

Why Use Short Term Insurance?

It is the ease with which you can purchase short term insurance and the greater flexibility it offers that makes short term insurance attractive. It is possible to arrange temporary insurance from one day to 28 days. Adding another driver to your existing policy can be a cumbersome process, short term insurance saves you from such predicament.

Short term insurance is offered on the internet by numerous insurance companies, some even specialising in short term insurance. Internet offers the facility of printing of insurance certificate soon after payment is made. This is suited for people who are in a hurry and cannot wait to receive the certificate by post. The short term insurance deals can be arranged on internet and can be completed within minutes.

Features of Short Term Insurance

Let us look at certain Features of short term insurance.

Coverage: Short Term insurance is available on certain kinds of vehicles. This insurance is not available on the cars which exceed a certain value. In case of accident, the insurer can do one of the three things. They can replace the damaged part, replace it or pay for the damage. Some insurance policies also cover against theft and personal injury. Also there is an upper limit to what an insurer will pay in the form of damages. The loss is accessed on the basis of market value.

Liability: Short term insurance being a comprehensive policy will pay for the liabilities arising from the accident. Insurance companies will also pay for legal liability arising from the death or injury caused by the operation of the vehicle by the driver. The policy in this case also covers the legal expenses. The maximum amount that can be paid is capped as well.

Driver Requirements: The premium you pay for a short term insurance will depend on the age of the driver as well. Young drivers being riskiest will have to shell out more premium. Short term insurance is not custom made for individuals so they don't look into past history of the drivers and charge a flat rate.

Other feature is whether you will be driving in the country of will be driving within the European Union. Some insurers cover travel within partner countries of EU as well. There are thousands of Insurance providers in UK and a swift search on the internet can find you a suitable provider.