Short Term Car Insurance

It is difficult to decide about the insurance provider on the same day on which you have bought the car. But the risk is still there as you would be driving home your car from the showroom. The Short Term Car Insurance is a boon in such times. It will cover your car against theft, accident and fire for a short period. Hence, you can bring your new car home with a short term car insurance and later avail the best suitable insurance policy at your convenience. This type of insurance can be availed from any popular insurance provider in United Kingdom after studying the terms and conditions.


The rules for driving are quite strict for the drivers in United Kingdom. The car insurance in UK is available for specific car and driver only. So, if you have visitors at your place and they are planning to take car for a drive then short term car insurance would be the perfect choice. This will let you add an additional driver to your car insurance policy. You may take this kind of insurance even when you are planning to borrow somebody’s car for a short period. The Short Term Car Insurance will also allow you to add an extra vehicle to your car insurance poilicy.

The short term car insurance can be availed for 1 to 28 days. Any driver with valid driving license falling in 21 to 75 years of age group can opt for this insurance. The short term car insurance can be availed only if the driver has not faced disqualification in last 5 years. The driver needs to have clean track record and should not have more than 6 penalty points. There should be no major insurance claims in last 3 years to qualify for short term car insurance. This type of insurance gets activated immediately and can also be availed online.

You will get the details of the premium online, just by filling some of the details. You should select the insurance policy as well as insurance provider based on the terms and conditions. The premium can be made more affordable by keeping the cover limited to certain eventualities only. You can add third party cover, accident, theft and fire cover for better safety. The documentation part is also very easy in short term car insurance and you will receive all the documents by email to save on time and energy.

What if you don't want to pay insurance premium for the whole year when you drive your car only for a few weeks in a year? Short Term Car Insurance is the answer for you. Short term insurance can cover your car's insurance demand for a period upward of one day. The period varies from insurance company to insurance company. Some companies offer short term insurance for 2 weeks; some for 28 days while other offer it for 2 months, before you need to renew it.

Need for Short Term Insurance

When the premiums for car insurance are moving northwards, some innovative car insurance companies come out with the idea of Short Term Car Insurance. If you live away from your family and your car remain unused for a long period of time. Why should you pay for insurance for the whole period? Won't you like an insurance which asks you to pay insurance for the period you are using your car? Short term insurance is the answer for you.

When hiring a car for yourself or when lending out your car to some friend or family member, you might need an insurance cover only for a few days or a week at the most. Short Term insurance will satisfy your needs then. Overseas visitors might need this while driving in the country. Short term insurance this way saves the discounts in insurance premiums in case you need to file an insurance claim for your car.

History of Short Term Insurance

Short term has been around for many years now without us making use of it. Primarily it was used while hiring a car or lending a car to your friend. Searching Short Term Car Insurance was difficult since not many options were available. Now with the growth in the insurance market and rise in premium values, short term insurance has risen as an attractive alternative to annual insurance.

If you are using your car only periodically then short term insurance is a good bargain for you. This will save you money. It is a sector which every insurance company wants to have a presence and they are coming up with newer plans on a regular basis.

Factors Affecting Short Term Insurance

The premium you pay while purchasing a short term insurance depends on numerous factors. Age of the driver and his past record affects the premium any driver pays while availing short term insurance. You might also want to see whether the areas you are travelling to is covered by insurance company. An insurance company also looks at whether the overseas visitor holds the driving license of European Union or some other country.

How to get Short Term Insurance?

In this cut throat competition days, almost all big insurance companies offer Short Term Car Insurance. You can apply for insurance by calling the insurance agent or by visiting the insurance company website. All companies offer premium payment through net as well. Your insurance cover will start the moment; insurance company receives your premium.