Short Term MotorBike Insurance

Auto Insurance is purchased for cars, vans and motor-bikes plying on the road. Insurance becomes necessary for meeting the losses incurred from traffic accidents and liabilities arising from the accidents. UK law requires every motorist plying vehicle on road to have at least a third party personal injury Insurance.

Insurance is all the more necessary for motor-bike drivers, because they are more prone to accidents. Motor-bike driver as well as the pillion driver should be properly insured. The Short Term Motor-Bike Insurance is available for any period of time ranging from 1 to 30 days. Short Term Insurance is for meeting your temporary needs.

Need For Short Term Insurance

Short Term Motor-Bike Insurance meets various purposes. If you plan to borrow your friend's bike then you need temporary Insurance. If your annual Insurance has expired and you are planning to sell the bike, then you can purchase Short Term Motor-Bike Insurance for the period before you finally sell your bike.

If you have purchased a new bike and need to drive it down to your home, Short Term Insurance is the solution for you. In this case you can purchase single day Insurance. When you need another biker to drive your bike, Short Term Insurance is beneficial for you rather than adding an additional driver to your annual bike policy. It also helps in saving money on premium paid.

Factors Affecting Short Term Motor-Bike Insurance

The premium you pay for insuring your bike over a Short Term depends on number of factors. We will discuss some in the discussion that follows.

Age of Riders: The premium is high in case of under 30 riders and becomes even more in case of under 21 riders.

Mileage: Mileage is how much you expect to travel with your bike. Mileage for bikes is different from that for cars. People use bikes as a secondary mode of transport and cover less distance as compared to cars.

Security: This is an important aspect which the Insurance company wants to know; whether you park you bike under cover, in the garage or properly locked. Insurance company wants to know how vulnerable your bike is to damage.

Claims in the Past: If you had not filed any claim, this will get you a discount when you renew your Insurance. This typically is 40% in the case of motorbikes.

In addition they take into consideration the place you want to travel and whether you are an overseas visitor.

Purchasing Short Term Motor-Bike Insurance

Short Term Insurance is available on your modern bikes, classic bikes and for female bikers as well. Short Term Insurance is available both online and offline from agents and Insurance shops. Just explore the rates of various temporary Insurance offered by Insurance companies. Having settled on the Insurance policy that fits your needs and budget, you can pay for it online as well. This is a seemingly easy process. You can print the Insurance certificate once payment is done.