Temp Cover Temporary Car Insurance

Temp Cover is one of the leading car insurance providers in United Kingdom. They provide online car insurance within no time of application. The car owners can get the online quotation for this insurance and also go through the terms and conditions. The temp cover temporary car insurance is available for one day, week or month. They provide insurance cover from 1 to 28 days at very competitive premium. The temporary car insurance is the ideal choice for those who have just bought a new car. They can get their car secured right from the showroom without worrying about lengthy formalities. The car owner can decide buy the insurance initially for temporary period and later select the permanent insurance provider. The Temp Cover Temporary Car Insurance will also allow you to add an additional driver or the additional vehicle to the policy for a temporary period.

The temporary car insurance is also useful when you need to borrow your friendís car for a short period or you need to lend your car to a friend for long drive. The temporary car insurance can also be purchase when you want to go for a test drive. The Temp Cover temporary car insurance has affordable premiums and they also provide customised plans. The Temp Cover temporary car insurance is provided to the driver falling under the age group from 21 to 75 years. The driver must have valid United Kingdom driving license. The driver should not have faced any disqualification for 5 years to avail the temporary car insurance. The temporary car insurance is given to the drivers who have not got more than 6 penalty points. The premium reduces for the drivers who drive safely and have not put any claim for certain years.The Temp Cover temporary car insurance is also an ideal choice as you can save your no claim bonus on permanent policy during long journeys or while lending your car to somebody. The temporary car insurance will be effective immediately as the documents will be received through email. The payment can also be made online. It has different insurance plans for young drivers, senior drivers, women drivers and male drivers. The premium can be calculated online as per your category. The premium is lower for the plans where the cover is extended only to the accidental damages and fire. The Short Term Car Insurance terms and conditions are also customer friendly.