Weekly Car Insurance

The year has just begun and you deserve to welcome it by doing more than paying a huge sum of money in the form of car Insurance. Times have changed and Insurance companies are coming up with innovative plans to woo back the average car driver. Weekly Car Insurance is one of them and has already found many takers the world over. There are so many instances where your weekly Insurance can come in handy. The following are a few of them.

When Should You Use Weekly Insurance?

If you have two cars and tend to drive only one of them frequently.

If you decide to lend your car to a friend, family member or neighbour.

If your car has gone for repair and you have taken on another vehicle on rent.

If you have just purchased a new vehicle and require coverage for it.

There are so many eventualities for which you can choose to opt for Weekly Car Insurance that it undoubtedly becomes the first coverage choice when it comes to insuring your vehicle.

Weekly Insurance worth Looking For

Also called pay as you go Insurance, weekly coverage for your car is easily available now. There are a number of large Insurance companies offering this kind of coverage for your car. And the criteria that the Insurance company asks for while offering you weekly Insurance are easy to meet. As the name suggests weekly Insurance for your car is available for seven days, requires you to be anything between twenty one years and sixty nine years of age and demands that you have a driving licence.

Despite being a new concept in the world of Insurance, Weekly Car Insurance is now being provided by several major names. The biggest advantage of this kind of temporary Insurance is that it can be modified to suit the specific requirements of a client.

While looking for weekly Insurance for your car, it is essential that you get into a quote comparison mode. To do this effectively, you need to look at bigger carriers as well as lesser known companies. The latter may offer more competitive rates and to woo the client, better advantages as well. Certain Car Insurance carriers include vehicle loss in their coverage so that you may claim in case of accident or theft.

The biggest advantage associated with pay as you go Insurance is that it is available online. Once you have applied, it will not be difficult for you to get hold of the certificate as it will be available online. But anyone applying for Insurance online has to compulsorily have a credit or debit card.

Persons who benefit the most from pay as you go Insurance are undoubtedly young drivers. The average running cost of a car in a week can be as high as 110 pounds. The amount further shoots up when the cost of Insurance is taken into account. Weekly Insurance can bring this cost down considerably and give drivers the peace of mind they deserve.