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Why Short Term Car Insurance

Why should you opt for Short Term Car Insurance? The answer is simple, if you don't want to continue paying large premium over your annual car Insurance if you are using it for only a short period. Short Term Insurance is for meeting your immediate and temporary needs. Today a large number of Insurance offers Short Term Insurance product unlike the years gone by. In our discussion here we will look at brief history, when to use Short Term Insurance and what makes it so lucrative.


The Short Term Insurance has been in practice for quite some time now. The high set up costs and operational costs made Short Term Insurance a costly Insurance. However the rise in the internet users made Short Term Insurance a lucrative policy. Today bargain hunters search for the right Short Term Insurance policy and get start using it within minutes.

When to Use Short Term Car Insurance?

Driving without Insurance is rendered illegal by UK laws. The minimum penalty on being caught using without Insurance is fine and points deducted on your license. Short Term Insurance is for those who find them in those unique situations when you are without Insurance. You can use Short Term Insurance for your personal use. The situations warranting this is if you borrow your friend's car, there is more at stake than just the damages. If you hire a car for a visit to your family or parents, you will need Short Term Insurance.

You can also use Short Term Insurance for your friend or family. If your friend wants to borrow your car, you can buy Short Term Insurance for him. If your children are visiting and want to take your car, they will need Short Term Insurance. If your car has gone for repair and you are using a courtesy car, you will need temporary Insurance. Another case could be when you have just purchased a new car and didn't have time to search for regular Insurance.

Benefits of Short Term Car Insurance

Short Term Insurance is flexible; you can have it for any period from 1 to 28 days. It is easy adding another person to your car this way rather than in annual Insurance which is time consuming. The Short Term Car Insurance costs less than what it takes to add a driver in your regular policy. This can save you hundreds of pounds if not thousands.

The Short Term Insurance is available very easily over the internet. It saves operational and paper costs. You can get started within minutes. Since Short Term Insurance is not tailor made for individual customers, it charges flat rate from customers. Short Term Insurance does not look into past history of the drivers.

Purchasing Short Term Insurance

Short Term Insurance can be purchased easily and efficiently from internet. Since all big companies offer Short Term Insurance so a quick search of the internet will help you in choosing the best Insurance.